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Flexibility : From low volume to mass production

The experience and expertise we gained over the years in the field of connectors and connections, led us in 2003 to the opening of the wire-harnesses division in Italy and later on, in 2007, in China with our ILQ branch.

Our ILQ office, in Hangzhou, has the directory to check and audit the production cycle and the work done by our selected partners, providing reports of conformity and quality control of the goods before any shipment.

We have the flexibility and production capabilities to fulfill our customers’ needs and provide our clients with a whole package product solutions in design, development, and harness manufacturing.  

In Italy, we particularly specialize in short time sampling, pre-series, and medium lots. We do not limit ourselves to re-produce harnesses from drawings, but we mainly support our customers in the engineering phases, proposing the most suitable components/assembly to optimize the cable harness performances.

Our Chinese production acts as a satellite in synergy with the Italian one, responding to high volume production demand and to optimization criteria, aimed at realizing our customers’ projects in the best possible way.

We only produce customized looms in different fields of application.

Ecco che il nostro Portale di interscambio connettori consente all’ampio ventaglio di cablatori, che hanno aderito al network, di essere selezionato da potenziali committenti, a seconda delle skills e del know-how, che hanno maturato nei settori più svariati.

Contestualmente il network mette a disposizione, in pronta consegna, una vasta gamma di componentistica, anche di marche rare, per la realizzazione di campionature, preserie o grandi produzioni di cablaggi.

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