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The right circuit protection

Fuseholders play an important role in cable-harnesses, they protect  electric  circuits from overcurrents or short circuits.

We produce high-quality fuse holders in several current standards: in-line, sealed, crimped, co-molded (customizable).


Bespoke Adapters

To complete the world of connections, adapters cannot be missing.

That’s why our product range includes: adapters, coaxial cables, and antennas for cars, trucks, tractors, commercial vehicles, and campers.

We have been working globally with long term partnerships designing the newest antenna adapters, not only for the automotive but also for the agricultural market and other industries for various applications/installations.

We differentiate ourselves by focusing our production only on customized adapters since each customer has his own needs, which very often do not correspond to what the market offers. Small quantities are no issue for us.

We carry out customization both in terms of components for the connection (Fakra, SMB, Hirose, jack, KK, Rosemberg, etc.),  regarding kind of cable (RG58, RG174, etc), and its length.

Our customized range includes:

  • Fakra adapters (all colors);
  • Roof antenna adapters;
  • Antenna extensions and coaxial cables;
  • Passive and amplified DAB / AM / FM diplexers;
  • • Phantom Power

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